Our Listing Philosophy

Thank you...

...for the opportunity to share some of our philosophies about the home sales process.

All Real Estate Agents Are Not The Same...

Realtors are like stripes on a Zebra - no two are alike.  There are vast differences in knowledge, skills, attitude, experience, communication, negotiating style, personality, and ultimately, results.  I spend time with you up front to listen carefully to your goals, objectives and needs to ensure a complete understanding of them.  We will work very closely together for several months, and being on the same page is an essential ingredient to success. 

We Have Mutual Objectives:

  • To Sell Your Home At The Highest Possible Price.  The average Sales Price to List Price ratio experienced on my listings is much higher (97.42%) than the MLS average.  The benefit to you is greater net walk away $$$.
  • To Sell Your Home In The Shortest Period of Time.  The average time on the market experienced on my listings is far less (25 days) than the MLS average.  The benefit is that with me your home will sell in a shorter period of time.  Less time on the market = less stress and you receive your net $$$ sooner.
  • To Sell Your Home With The Most Favorable Terms.  Price is the most obvious term, but there are many areas of a contract that require attention and negotiation.  My skill with contracts, born from long experience and thousands of transactions in all types of market conditions will be at your disposal.  I will take all the variables and uncertaintly of the market and move them in your favor.

Customized Marketing & Service Options

After meeting with you and having a thorough understanding of your needs, we will work together to select the best marketing plan for your property.  Our customized marketing and service options feature sliding scale fees; your property's marketing plan is tailored to your needs.  Contact us for more information!

Your Choice of Agent Really Does Matter

For most homeowners, selling a home is one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives, and it really does matter who your realtor is.  Your choice of agent can vastly affect the outcome.  We all know someone who has had one of these two experiences when selling a home:

Scenario A:  a smooth transaction where the home sells in a reasonable amount of time and the seller walks away with the best net $$$.

Scenario B:  the home languishes on the market, suffers multiple price drops and is fraught with problems and stress.  When it finally closes, the seller is so overwhelmed with relief that having also gotten less than the maximum walk away $$$ is not even considered.  The major factor behind the difference in situations like these is almost always the realtor.  My track record and references are evidence that with me, Scenario B simply does not happen.


It's all about the owner and agent cooperating and communicating to achieve a successful sale!