Our Home Listing Process

My home sale process is designed for one purpose - to lead to a "successful home sale".  The definition of a successful home sale is when:  The seller attains the highest possible net $$$ in the shortest amount of time and with the most favorable terms.  Here is an outline of how we get there:

A Note About the Listing Agreement...

...signing this contract will kick start the home sales process.  The Listing Agreement is our (seller and agent) legally binding commitment to one another and it outlines what our mutual responsibilities are in order to fulfill it.  The essence of the listing agreement is this - my fiduciary responsibility as your realtor is to use my skills and knowledge to bring you a ready, will and able buyer, and once a successful sale is completed, your obligation as the seller is to pay the agreed upon commission.

The Action Plan

"Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail"

Although experience has shown me that no two home sales are identical, it has also taught me that "successful home sales" contain common core components.  Over time, I have taken these elements and shaped them into a Home Sale Action Plan that will guide us smoothly and successfully through the home sales process.  My action plan is comprised of four parts.

Part 1 - Preparation

Almost all potential buyers begin their home search online.  We also know that buyers do not purchase homes sight unseen.  These two factors make it clear that one of our most important objectives is to help transition buyers from internet searching to showing appointments of your home.  There are three central keys to creating this shift:

  • Your home must be staged well
  • Your home has to be priced appropriately
  • Your home needs to be professionally marketed

We will ensure success through proper preparation.