The role of a hotel concierge is to put forward services that go beyond the demands of the customers and to offer them an unforgettable experience. The mere fact of having a concierge who is also a member of Les Clefs d’Or and other international concierges associations greatly increases the luxury of a hotel.

Elite in the hotel reception field, concierges usually work in four and five star hotels and spend their days ensuring the welfare of their customers.

Virtuosos of customer service, concierges must demonstrate at all times exemplary patience, unfailing discretion and extensive knowledge. Customers who recognize the symbol know that Les Clefs d’Or concierges have the best contacts, the best service and the best knowledge.

The Aronheim Group’s Concierge strives to meet this as it is at the front line of our service to our clients and the community we serve, in effect we want this page to be your very own personal Virtual Assistant. We may not be able handle your mail and messages, but here you can find the resources to make reservations for concerts and dinners, area tours, suggests restaurants and shopping locations, and guides to local tourist attractions.

In addition, The Aronheim Group’s Concierge offers a specialized first class service menu providing a wealth of information specific to Oakton and Vienna, Virginia as well as the resources and professional assistance you need when Buying and Selling Real Estate.

It’s always our Virtual Assistant’s pleasure to be of service 24 hours per day!