Students in Oakton, VA may attend one of four Elementary Schools: Oakton, Waples Mill, Flint Hill and Providence. Middle Schools include: Thoreau, Jackson, Franklin and Lanier. High Schools include Oakton High and James Madison and Fairfax. Flint Hill Private School is also located in Oakton, VA.

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Oakton Elementary This school is part of Cluster 8 and the Oakton, VA HS pyramid.

Waples Mill Elementary This school is part of Cluster 8 and the Oakton, VA HS pyramid.

Flint Hill ES is part of Cluster 2 and the Madison, VA HS pyramid.

Providence ES This school is part of Cluster 7 and the Fairfax, VA HS pyramid.

Thoreau MS

Jackson MS

Franklin MS

Lanier MS

Oakton HS located in Vienna, VA near Interstate 66, serves an area of Fairfax County Virginia that extends from the City of Fairfax, VA to the Town of Herndon, VA. Oakton, VA uses state-of-the-art technology with numerous in-school and mobile computer labs for instructional use. Staff members make extensive use of web-based communication tools such as Blackboard, and every classroom is equipped to allow teachers to teach using advanced technology.

Madison HS James Madison High School is located in Vienna, VA ten miles west of the nation’s capital. Oakton, VA and Vienna, VA residents possess a strong sense of community togetherness and pride, which is reflected in a strong commitment to and support of the school’s entire educational program. On the average, 90 percent of the school’s graduates go on to post-secondary education.

Flint Hill School Independent, coeducational, private day school for grades pK-12

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